TEDxPortHarcourt 2018 marks the 6 year anniversary of TEDxPortHarcourt and our objective for 2018 is to bring the community together in a way that is truly meaningful. Our theme for this year is ReFRAME. ReFRAME, which by considering the same information in a different context it is possible to get a completely new perspective on it and enhancing understanding. We may perhaps be telling the story from the direction of how it is not seen, or the way it really should be seen or not seen, or if we are looking at the entirely wrong picture.

Our Sense of the world is based on our beliefs, opinions, experiences, proximity, interpretation, and more. The frame we put around a person, place, thought or idea, defines the meaning which we give it or take from it. As soon as we change the “frame,” the meaning for us may also change. We’re living in genuinely amazing times, tapping into every sense of that word — from shockingly disturbing to thrillingly hopeful. It’s time to collectively breathe deep and prepare for a remarkable new era as politics, globalization, technology, the future of work, education, religion, gender equality and what it even means to be human are all reinvented before our eyes.

At TEDxPH 2018 we’re rising up, breaking out and pushing boundaries. As we attempt to ReFRAME our perception on - business, technology, art, science, politics – our speakers will be taking on a journey of discovery and ingenuity. We will celebrate how these dynamic and diverse people are facing challenges head on, all while empowering each other to shape the future we all want to see. Like previous years we would show up to listen, to communicate, to influence, and to encourage each other, building networks to drive real, meaningful change in our communities, our organizations and around the world.

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TEDxPortHarcourt introduces the Salon: a monthly speaker series which brings some of the city’s most inspired thinkers to share perspectives and spark conversation. A unique mixture of talks, workshops and interactive experiences. Salon events will bring our community of innovators and instigators together in informal evening forums to learn and engage on provocative themes each month.

Salon events are smaller events that keeps a TEDx community engaged between mainstage events. It’s a unique kind of gathering that TEDx organizers hold which allows the conversation to continue, in person. We are thrilled to kick off our 2018 Salon Series on September 1st, 2018 by exploring the theme of Native By Design with a closer look at various sector and industries within the country.


Question your Humanity

September 22, 2018, 10.00AM - 5.00PM






Past TEDxPortHarcourt Talks

Get a taste of the TEDxPortHarcourt experience with a few selected talks from our main stage