TEDxPortHarcourt 2017


TEDxPortHarcourt 2017

Inconsistencies exist in our detailing or understanding of the human experience. Some arise from opposing but equally logical, or even illogical interpretations of the same observation, while others arise from different observation of the same occurrence. In a way, these differences are what make us human.

The nature versus nurture dichotomy is one of these inconsistencies.

Are we primarily a mass of instincts, predetermined goals and preconceived behaviors reacting to environmental stimuli? Or are we tabula rasa – clean slates, imprinted upon more and more by the society around us? Or are we equal parts of both, with circumstance determining which takes precedence? Whatever the viewpoint, it is clear that society and environment influences our behaviors, beliefs, and actions, to varying degrees.

These spheres of influence have expanded dramatically in the last decade - from families and friends in our neighborhoods, worship centers, workplaces and schools - to an almost limitless universe, spawned by the availability of the internet and egged on by the proliferation of social media.

This “Alternate verse” is gaining an increasing influence over our sense of self & national identity; and accelerated by a sudden upsurge of technology, is shaping our self-identities in ways many are unaware of. If environment plays such a big role in our humanity or its experience, doesn’t the change in this sphere of influence and its effects matter? Shouldn’t we spend more time exploring it?

And so, we present TEDxPortHarcourt 2017, where we explore this ALTERNATE VERSE – a possibly real and possibly fictional version of our current world, brought about by technological and other advancements. Our invited speakers will attempt to detail where we are, based on available evidence, or forecast where we are going to, judging from current trends. While doing this, they will indicate which variables are applicable, and how we should interact with these variables to be ahead of the curve.

VENUE: The Hub Event Centre 187 Peter Odili Road Port Harcourt, Rivers, 500211 Nigeria
DATE: January 01, 1970
TIME: 9:00 AM