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TEDxPortHarcourt 2019

Uji Terkuma is a Nigerian who is strongly passionate about solving problems with creative solutions. From the early age of three, he began scribbling product ideas, with emphasis on automotive design ideas, and was later convinced the design of products was not solely the responsibility of engineers.

The realization inspired him to pursue a degree in Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he majored in Graphic Design. On completion of his studies, he worked as a visualizer at the advertisement agency of Franchise Law and Kenneth, creating materials for marketing campaigns as well as designing hardware products, such as air freshener cases.

He later joined Tecno Mobile as an industrial designer for three years, where he was tasked with the research, concept design, and development for mobile phones and accessories.

Uji is currently an automotive designer with Mureza Auto Co, a startup automotive developer and manufacturer based in South Africa. In his spare time, he works on design projects ranging from drones to hospital equipment.