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TEDxPortHarcourt 2019

Beauty Eru is an sensational afro-soul and R&B artiste from Delta State, Nigeria. She was raised in the city of Port Harcourt and is the 2nd of three Children. She started singing at the age of 10 and then professionally at age 18. She is just finishing up a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics and Communications Studies from the University of Port Harcourt.


Her musical expression is one that tends to always astonish her audience because of her vocal strength and effortless ability to gracefully capture and captivate listeners with soothing libretti.


She released a debut single ‘Fowl na Fowl’ on the 19th of June 2019 which incidentally was her 20th birthday. The song was greatly received and got her a lot of attention in the city of Port Harcourt, and was cemented with a follow up single ‘Paradise’, which was released 3 months after, a song captioned ‘A Song For Everyone That Has Lost Someone’.


The two tracks are off her EP titled Adiaha (First Daughter), which is scheduled to be released in November 2019.