TEDxPortHarcourt Stadium Road

Fast Forward to Creativity

The event was designed to underscore the need for increased creativity in Nigeria's society and the world in general. TEDxStadiumRoad was intended to act as a launch-pad for innovative thinking in all future projects undertaken by the attendees, Stadium Road's community and its environs. We hope to make a difference through the diverse speakers that were lined up to talk; and through TED videos that were played on that day. It is our fervent hope that the event will have a ripple effect; it will start small and all minds that are part of TEDxStadiumRoad on the 18th of May 2013, will positively influence others they meet or have dealings with, even as the event is over.

VENUE: Xcape Centre (iCinema)
DATE: May 18 2013
TIME: 00:00