TEDxPortHarcourt 2018


Each year we hold independently organized TED events in Port Harcourt. This time we are holding one, themed ReFrame, which by considering the same information in a different context it is possible to get a completely new perspective on it and enhancing understanding. We may perhaps be telling the story from the direction of how it is not seen, or the way it really should be seen or not seen, or if we are looking at the entirely wrong picture. Our Sense of the world is based on our beliefs, opinions, experiences, proximity, interpretation, and more. The frame we put around a person, place, thought or idea, defines the meaning which we give it or take from it. As soon as we change the “frame,” the meaning for us may also change. The event is an all-day immersion experience at the intersection of science, art, performance and business connecting thought leaders, solution seekers and the curious.

VENUE: Horlikins Event Centre
DATE: Nov 17 2018
TIME: 09:00